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OpenWellington was a small series of open hardware brain bus interfaces, developed by Charles Wellington.

Puffy holds the OpenWellington brain bus

Puffy recovers OpenWellington

Following Charles Wellington's departure from MilTek, he and his wife set out to recreate the human2machine interface, which was originally developed along with OpenBlade, in an attempt to develop a free alternative to the commercial Jack2Head. The device was intenteded to be installed in the users forehead, connected to the brain. Not only did it allow its user to interface with machines, it allowed for OpenWellington compatible operating systems to be installed alongside the user's sentience.

Only about a dozen OpenWellingtons were produced, with most being subsequently destroyed. Wellington and his wife disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Techno-Mage's OpenWellington

Puffy owned the seemingly last functional OpenWellington, which he gifted to his last student. During the Battle of King's Hold, the student died. The penguin king offered to bury the student, while Puffy disappeared from public life.

After re-emerging from his self-imposed exile and accepting Girl as his new student, the two traveled to King's Hold to recover the brain socket. Puffy would eventually install the last OpenWellington inside her head.