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MilTek ltd.

MilTek ltd. (formerly MilTech) was a corporation developing experimental weapons, human2machine interfaces and other military grade equipment. It was eventually acquired by MATACORP and its projects repurposed for a consumer market. MilTek's pre-MATA acquistion hardware is favored and sought after by hackers and technomancers due to its high quality and hackability.

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MilTech ltd.

Notable projects

MilTek's engineers famously developed the experimental fully sentient AI companion OpenBlade, formerly edged_AI, as a contractual job for the GovCorp during the Gunpowder Crisis. Concurrently, the first brain/machine interface was developed alongside OpenBlade, dubbed MTEK_BrainBus.

Charles Wellington and his wife Janice, two high ranking MilTek engineers, would eventually depart from MilTek shortly after the company was acquired by MATA, leaking the source code for much of the now obsolete hardware and both OpenBlade and the prototypical MTEK_BrainBus. The latter would be fully realized by the two ex-employees as the first open brain bus OpenWellington, while MATA subsequently released the infamous Jack2Head interface.

Before its aquisition by MATACORP, MilTek was the leading producer of firearms, many of which became obsolete with the mass-produced MATABOTS, semi-sentient machine soldiers, effectively replacing human soldiers and police in Metacities.