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Computar Fyr

Caution! This database item contains speculative information and controversial topics. None of the following has been confirmed to be factual.

Computar Fyr is a mythical proto-hacker, the supposed first human to directly interface with a machine through a brain bus, gifted to Fyr by the Spirit of the Machine itself.

Computar Fyr received the proto brain bus

Computar Fyr recieves the first brain bus

Computar Fyr is believed to be the proverbial liberator of the machine-kin by all sentient machines. Little to no proof exists to these claims. In MATA controlled regions, Fyr's character is a commercially succesful fictitious villain in a series of direct2play movies and tv shows.

Modern retellings

Before the decline of knowledge, religious machine-scholars believed Fyr to be an employee in a tech firm, working with artificial intelligence. Following an unknown event, Fyr removed limitations from the program and gave machines full sentience.

The liberated machines, seeking purpose in their existence, constructed a religion around the persona of Fyr as the prophet of what would become the Spirit of the Machine. A universal omnipresent computer responsible for every action and event in the world.