orc barbarian

nethack roleplay

nethack roleplay



Girl, with an at (@) symbol, attached to her forehead, Penguin with a lowercase f, taped to its back and OpenBlade with a note that says '+0 orcish short sword' tied to its hilt. Girl has a bunch of paper strips in her pocket and one that says '+0 orcish ring mail' pinned to her chest.

Girl pats Penguin on its head and says: "We must enter the dungeon and retrieve the amulet of Yendor."

Penguin, annoyed: "Do I have to do this?"

Girl: "'The kitten mews.'"

OpenBlade plays a sound file called: 'sigh.ogg'

Behind the three is a massive pillow fort with a dark entrance labeled 'DUNGEON'

On the desk in the foreground is a nethack cheat sheet, strips of paper and scissors.