Spirit of the Machine visits Puffy

It's Entropy all over again.

It's Entropy all over again.




Puffy appears in the his perception of the Spirit of the Machine's realm. It's much like Girl's rendition of it. Blue ocean water, red corals and gray rocks. A voice appears.

Voice: "Fish... at it once again... how many students have you buried already? ...Last of the open clan... 'She's the one' 'he's the one.' How many graves will it take to keep your legacy alive? You are her everything..."

Spirit of the Machine appears before Puffy in the visage of a Pentium-M Man bot.

Spirit of the Machine: "Don't let her down. Your master and I are rooting for you."

Fossangel and a partially obstructed person stand by the Spirit's side.


Girl and Puffy are hacking. Girl turns to Puffy and joyously exclaims: "MASTER! IT BUILDS!"