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MATACORP, often stylized as just MATA, is a global conglomeration of corporations, ruling the civilized world as the universal GovCorp. That which remains of the civilized world are gigantic walled-off Metacities, spread about the ravaged planet.

matacorp vintage logo

Old MATA logo


MATA was originally founded by a Slovakian entrepreneur in the 21st century. The company then specialized in drop-shipping mint tea from Sri Lanka. Following its unprecendented financial success, it branched out into the tech world.

MATA played a major role in restructualizing the theatre of global politics. Throughout its existence, through armed conflicts and vast economic gains, it acquired every country in the world, beginning the era of a unified global GovCorp governance. Step by step, the GovCorp banned the use of free software, development of open hardware and slowly took steps towards removing all knowledge of computing from the people's minds. This resulted in what is only known as the Corpo-Foss war. A destructive conflict between the GovCorp and proponents of computer freedom.

After the global Corpo-Foss war, which resulted in a major destruction of the planet, MATACORP retreated into gigantic Metacities, spread about the world, while the ravaged land outside became home to free people and liberated machines.



Matabrowser is an internet browser. It is the only official way of accessing the internet in MATA controlled regions and Metacities. Made a de-facto standard through conquest.


A commercial adaptation of Mata_Brain_Bus for the masses. As opposed to its military counterpart, Jack2Head's foremost advertised features were the ease of access and interconnectivity with other MATA products.

For indentification purposes and accessing TERRAMATA. While it was never made mandatory, many work opportunities in MATA regions require job applicants to have Jack2Head installed.

In recent years, MATA has released an addon to Jack2Head, named Jack2Head Visor, a feature which has existed with OpenWellington a century prior.