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Girl, later simply Techno-Mage, is the main character of the Techno-Mage comic series, which follows her journey of becoming a techno-mage and the subsequent adventures of a warrior for freedom.

The Girl as an adult Techno-Mage

The mage in the Wild

Occupation: Techno-Mage

Clan: Open


Following the expansion of MATACORP into the Wild, most native tribes of primitivists are deemed hostile and subject to extermination. Girl, being born to one of these tribes, is saved by the village elder and sent on a quest to find the FISH, in order to become its student.

After finding the FISH, it is revealed that the now exiled Techno-Mage of the Open clan was once saved by Girl's village elder and promised to one day repay him. Puffy, honoring his promise, takes in the young student and breaks his 80 year long vow of staying away from politics of the world and begins preparing Girl for her ultimate role as the last Techno-Mage of the Open clan.


Girl's story is told in two timelines. One explores her childhood as the student of the FISH, the other follows her trials as an adult techno-mage.