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Charles Wellington


Charles Wellington was a former employee of MilTek's Sentient Weapons Division, heading the development of the objectively greatest weapon, CPU, full-artificial-sentiency, all packed into one machine - OpenBlade.

After MATA acquired MilTek, Wellington left the company and devoted all of his time to the creation of OpenWellington with his wife Janice, the first (and only) free brain bus, the very same device in the Techno-Mage's forehead.

charles wellington

Charles Wellington

Wellington, along with his wife, disappeared soon after publicly releasing the open brainbus, being hunted by Mata. He was eventually discovered by Fosschild a century later in the ruins of a dead city underneath Metacity. Convinced the Spirit of the Machine prevented him from dying until he cleared his name of years of corporate work, he passed on his knowledge to Fosschild, hoping to finally redeem himself as a hacker.