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arch_company was an elite squad of soldiers during the Corpo-Foss war. The company played a major role in the final battle of King's Hold, assisting in the rescue of the then current king, with the help of FISH and his last student.

arch_company's first deployment

arch_company's first deployment at the beginning of the Corpo-Foss war


Penguins of the arch_company were originally part of the 2nd GNU Recon unit. At the beginning of the Corpo-Foss war, the unit was almost entirely wiped out during the battle for the Museum of Free Software. The surviving members were reassigned to the 4th GNU Long Rifle regiment.

The regiment saw its most notable engagement during the battle of Hill 669, taking heavy losses, but ultimately capturing and holding the hill.

Having distinguished themselves, the members of the soon to be arch_company lead an unsanctioned guerrila strike on MATACORP supply lines, seizing large amounts of MATA weaponry.

Following the succesful strike, Foss army leadership formed the arch_company, on account of all the surviving members of the 4th GNU Long Rifle regiment being of the Arch affiliation.

During MATA's siege of King's Hold, the arch_company was left behind enemy lines after a succesful engagement with MATA's heavy weapons division, as all communications of the Foss army were cut off. The engagement cost the life of Red, the fifth surviving member of the arch_company. After the war, Skip Baskei would go on to produce a movie, featuring the exploits of the arch_company, centered around the character of Red.

Members of arch_company